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Why Don't Google Ads Work For You and what can you do about it?

This is for businesses currently using Google Ads.

Especially those paying management fees.

But if you are simply considering Google Ads, go to could Google Ads be a viable option for me?

Why are you reviewing your Google Ads?

Is This You?

Have you been let down by your Google Ads?

Are you frustrated by those looking after your Google Ads?

Things haven't gone as you were promised and expected.

It might have started out OK, but not now.

There are lots of reasons why this might be so.

You Recognise There's A Problem

It's probably not your fault

But it is your responsibility to sort it out.

This could be a career and business-defining moment.

If you give up, you must justify why you used Google Ads in the first place, and explain why it went wrong.

If you continue, you must be confident that you aren't wasting even more time and money.

But you cannot continue as you are.

You Must Take Action

Many businesses face a similar dilemma
Doing nothing isn't an option.

But What Do You Do?

We'd been wasting 2K per month

Car Dealership

Our business was doing well, and the person looking after our Google Ads said it was too.

But when Initiative2 looked at our account we discovered that the clicks were not from people looking to buy.

We had been wasting money every month for years.

So how do you use this 3-step process?

Our unique 3-step process is called "Google Ads Triage".

It has been developed and refined over many years.

And helped many businesses in your situation.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes, across different industries.

In lots of countries.

We were getting leads for business we couldn't cope with

Home Improvements business

We had expanded our Google Ads campaign to include another part of the country.

It was based on a successful campaign we already used.

Our business model involves completing a job within one day, including travel.

But this new area was too far away for this to work.

We were paying to attract leads for business we couldn't undertake.

Obvious to Initiative2, but not to us because we'd lost sight of the business driver behind Google Ads.

 see how easy it is to 

Find The Answer To Your Google Ads


Google Ads Triage was developed for businesses that use an external agency to manage their Google Ads.

But steps 1 and 2 can be incredibly helpful for you even if you don't.


No need to waste time. 


Used  by 100s of businesses. 

No Charge

Available to all eligible businesses.

We got better results for less money

Professional services firm

We had been using a large international agency for some time.

We felt that we were getting less and less attention, and our results stagnated.

We asked Initiative2 to take over, just before Covid.

Our budget was dramatically cut, yet they still manged to get us more and better leads than we had before.

How To Discover Your

3 Step Google Ads Triage

  • Step 1

  • Step 2

  • Step 3

Step 1 is to ensure that Google Ads is appropriate for you.

It Is an assessment of Google Ads in relation to your business goals, and what you wish to achieve.

You answers some basic questions, and we shall advise:

  • Whether Google Ads is an appropriate tool for you;
  • Whether Google Ads is likely to be cost-effective for you, and;
  • If not, what are your alternatives.

You benefit from an external impartial view based on reviewing 100s of Google Ads accounts.

If Google Ads is not suitable, then you'll at least know why, and can stop them with good reason. We may even suggest some alternative approaches that are more appropriate.

You are under no obligation to accept our advice, but if we don't believe that Google Ads is right for you, we would certainly not accept you as a Google Ads client.

To save you time and effort, you only move to step 2 once step 1 has demonstrated that it would be worth your while.

Who Does This Work For?

Do you appear in the list below?

All of these have benefited from this process.

And so can you.

  • Selling products or services
  • Online or offline sales
  • Commercial or not-for-profit
  • Long-established on new
  • Different industries & sectors
  • B2B or B2C
  • Large or small
  • Local, regional, national, or international
  • Modest budgets or huge


3 steps to better Google Ads