Is Google Ads The Right Tool For You?

You have 3 simple questions to ask yourself. 

3 Simple Questions

To decide whether Google Ads is an appropriate method of marketing your business, we need to know the answers to three groups of questions.

These should be easy for you to answer.

Indeed, if you've been correctly advised, you should have these to hand.

Your Market

  • Who are your target customers?
  • Where are your target customers?

Your Offering

  • What is your product / service?
  • What is your capacity to take on more business?

Your Google Ads

  • How have your Google Ads performed?
  • What are you hoping to achieve?

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There are some additional questions that help explore these in more detail.

But nothing complicated or difficult. They don't require technical knowledge.

It's really all about your business, and how Google Ads can be used commercially to your advantage.

The Process

step 2

We Review Your Answers

Google Ads is not suitable for every business all of the time.

It is only worth your while using Google Ads if they will help achieve your goals.

We shall make an impartial decision.

There is nothing to be gained from misleading you.

step 3

You Have a Conversation With Our Consultant

We will explain whether we believe Google Ads to be appropriate for what you wish to achieve.

This is based on your business goals and the various ways that Google Ads can be used.

You can decide what you do next.

The Outcome

  • You will have a much better understanding of how Google Ads can be used by your business.
  • This will be explained in plain English. No complicated jargon.
  • You will know whether you should continue to use Google Ads.
  • And, if so, what your next step should be.

If Google Ads Aren't Right For You:

If we believe that Google Ads is not appropriate for you at this time, we will tell you.

At least you will know.

We would suggest that you stop using Google Ads.

But you are under no obligation to take our advice.

However, we would not accept you as a Google Ads client.

If Google Ads Has Potential For You:

If Google Ads is a suitable tool for you, your business, and your commercial goals, then you can decide what to do next.

The next step would be for us to review your existing Google Ads setup.

You are under no obligation.

But, we will offer to do so and report back to you.

Get Your Questionnaire

The questions you must answer to know whether Google Ads is suitable for you.