Step 1 Case Studies

Real examples of how businesses like yours have benefited by going through only the first stage of our Google Ads Triage.

Non-buying Keywords

Attracting the wrong sort of clicks

The client wanted to attract people searching using words and phrases that were relevant to his offering.

Our analysis identified that the vast majority of such searches were not from potential clients.

There was an unfortunate overlap with other perfectly valid yet irrelevant searches.

However, having gained a good understanding of his business and market, we were able to identify a different tactic.

He still used Google Ads, but got the attention of and clicks from the right people.

So much so that his competitors noticed and asked him how he'd managed to do it!


Not cost-effective

Many coaches of different types have approached us over the years.

They all want to be found by people searching for what they offer.

Google Ads sounds like a perfect option.

Except it isn't.

Too few of those searches have buying intent; people are looking for free advice.

And too many competitors are trying to advertise.

They're probably not doing it well, but the sheer mass makes the market too crowded.

As one advertiser burns their budget, another steps up to take their place.

This makes it unlikely that Google Ads will be a cost-effective solution.

However, there are alternatives that we have directed some coaches to.

Too Much Demand

Can't handle the enquiries

A client had expanded their Google Ads campaign to include another part of the country.

Although it had been set up very well, we immediately raised an alarm.

Their business model involved completing a job within one day, including travel.

The new area was too far away for this to work.

They were paying to attract leads for business they couldn't undertake.

Obvious, but not to them because they had lost sight of the business driver behind Google Ads.

Using the Wrong Keywords

Too many clicks from those not looking to buy

A global engineering consultancy was adamant that they wanted to use Google Ads to promote a new software package.

I was convinced that it wouldn't work for them.

It was cutting edge in a very niche and technical market.

They couldn't be dissuaded, but they did restrict themselves to us running a pilot exercise.

At first they thought they were correct; lots of clicks.

But not one expression of interest.

Their product was so revolutionary that only those in university were aware of it.

All of the searches, all of the clicks were from students.

None of them from potential customers with the necessary budget.

There are reasons why you should listen when we tell you that Google Ads is not for you.