Step 2 Case Studies

Real examples of how businesses like yours have benefited by going through only the first two stages of our Google Ads Triage.

Contractual Tie-ins

No results but can't get out of the contract

Some businesses providing Google Ads management keep hold of their clients by tying them up in red tape and small print.

In one example, we were able to identify that a very bad job was being done. The client knew this; they were getting nothing from their ads despite a reasonably large budget.

They were tied into a contract, but cancelled the next renewal. Except that there were different parts to the contract. They had cancelled another service, so were stuck for another year.

This is a situation many businesses find themselves. Quite understandable given how complicated things were.

Ironic, though, since this client was a firm of lawyers!

Auto-renewing Contracts

Competing against yourself

The client wanted to move away from his provider.

I advised that he had almost 12 months of his contract left to run, and it wouldn't be appropriate for us to step in.

The following year he got back in touch, wanting to switch.

But his provider had auto-renewed his contract.

When he got back to me a year later, it was with the good news that he had finally managed to get away from them.

We were able to get him the telephone calls he wanted. The calls he hadn't been getting before.

Google's Rules

Legal and ethical restrictions

At the beginning of Covid, a client engaged us to advertise a niche coronavirus-related product.

It was a great success.

They then gained access to a supply of a commodity item associated with the virus.

We advised that although Google Ads was working for the initial campaign, it would not for this new line.

Google would not allow it. Therefore we refused to act for them.

They found someone else.

It did not work out; we had been vindicated.

Sometimes It Is Better To Stop

Need justification to stop an unsuccessful campaign

We were asked to review an online retailer's Google Ads.

They were unhappy with their results.

The reported clicks, etc. made great reading, but they weren't getting the sales.

Instead, they were paying for irrelevant clicks from people with no buying intent.

This could be easily fixed, but they had already spent all of their budget, so were unable to do anything about it.

But at least they had the reassurance that they could stop without harming their business.

Internal Politics

What you have been told might not be true

The client was doing good business.

They had been running Google Ads, and the person in charge claimed great results.

Only, when we looked at their account, we saw that the searches they were attracting were not those of people looking to buy their product.

They had been pouring 2,000 down the drain every month, for no return.

This message did not go down well, and they refused to speak with us again!

In-House Problems

Not all marketing people are good at Google Ads

The client's in-house marketing person had been running their Google Ads, but the results were non-existent.

They wondered what they could do.

We identified a strategy, but they were unwilling to pay to have it done.

At least they took our advice and stopped what their ads.