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You focus on your bottom line.

Online marketing should be about growing your business.

That's what we focus on.

You will benefit from the online marketing techniques that have helped 100s of businesses during more than 20 years.

Helping Businesses Succeed Online Since 2002

Digital Marketing Continues to Evolve

We started off in 2002 as a full-service web agency: web design, hosting, domain registration, email.

Our background was in software development, so we created database-driven websites, ecommerce systems, and even our own content-management system (CMS).

These skills remain with us, and give you access to a level of technical expertise probably lacking in those who have grown up with the black-box, off-the-shelf, pay-as-you-go solutions now available.

Websites became very much a commodity item, so we diversified.

From early on, our clients had enjoyed amazing positions in the Google search results.

Back then search engine optimisation (SEO) was the only game in town.

We concentrated more and more on that, and less and less on the other services.

And so that evolution has continued.

We didn't get on the social media bandwagon.

Chasing likes wasn't a productive long-term strategy. A bit like bad SEO.

What has been productive is Google Ads.

This became even more so following a European Court ruling that forced Google to make these adverts look more like adverts.

It had the exact opposite effect.

Which coincided with the rise in use of mobile / cell phones.

Their small screen meant that the first and often only thing someone saw, was an advert.

And because someone had explicitly searched for something, if that is what you sell, then you were immediately in front of a potential customer ready to buy.

Much quicker, reliable, and consistent than SEO.

Although we still offer SEO, we suggest to most that they don't start with it. Much better to use Google Ads.

But as more and more people spotted the opportunity, more and more started to advertise.

It became much more competitive.

And many offering it were those who had previously offered (bad) SEO or (commercially ineffective) social media services.

Which is why we largely work in the Google Ads recovery business.

If you have been using Google Ads, but aren't getting the results you want, need, and were promised, then you should get in touch.

Google Ads Audit

If you have a large, successful Google Ads account, then this is for you.

Squeezing even more performance out of it makes sense.

Even a small percentage improvement can result in massive profit improvements.

Google Ads Triage

If you have a Google Ads budget of under 20K per month, then this is probably for you.

A simple, 3-step process allows you to:

  • confirm whether Google Ads is appropriate for you
  • find whether you are missing out on obvious improvements
  • decide how best to implement further enhancements

Why choose us?

Instant Results

Initiative2 were able to immediate identify how 50% of our spend could be better used.

Meriel Younger
Managing Director
Focus on Your Bottom LIne

Our founder is an economist. Everything is about helping you make more money.

Reduce Wasted Spend

The quickest and easiest way to improve a Google Ads account is to stop spending money on clicks that don't bring you business.

Money saved goes straight onto your bottom line.

Or can be used to get more of the good clicks.

Get More and Better Clicks

The better the clicks you get, the more business you will win.

Better targeting and better adverts attracts better intent.

Better intent means more likely to buy.

Make More Money

Google Ads should not be something you do because everyone else is.

It should be done to make you more money.

It should be done properly.

Packed with

Features you'll love

Focused on results

We only do what we know works.

Your business is too important to have somebody use it to practice their Google Ads.

  • Reduce waste
  • Improve performance
  • Get more business
  • Fill in an easy questionnaire
  • Get an initial assessment
  • Talk with a Google Ads consultant

Simple process

Take advantage of our simple, 3-step Google Ads Triage.

You only proceed to the next step if it would be worth your while..

You have a named consultant

Have you ever started work with an organisation having first met their top-notch team?

But the day-to-day stuff is done by someone else; an intern or whoever's available.

You deserve to have consistency and a high level of proficiency.

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
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What our clients are saying

We tasked Initiative2 with improving our enquiry rate through PPC.

We've definitely seen a significant uplift in the enquiries we have been getting since they came on board, not just the amount, but in the quality of each one.

Marc Shuttleworth

Director AVInteractive Ltd

Deserving of particular note was their willingness to listen and take the time to understand our business - whether this was a long term strategic concern or a glitch that needed almost immediate attention.

Kenneth Mackay and his team are friends in the background that can be relied upon to respond quickly and effectively.

Mike Hendry


Google Ads hasn't worked for our industry - until now.

I’ve had a couple of contacts ask me about our campaign and one, in fact, who’d like to enquire about your services.

We’ve clearly been getting noticed. 


Managing Director

About Kenneth Mackay

I founded Initiative2 back in 2002.

My degree is in economics and my first career was in IT project management.

The ability to turn around projects that were late, over budget, and not delivering, was great training for the world of Google Ads.

I am available to consult with and onboard clients like you.

When you get in touch, say whether you'd like to speak with me.

Kenneth Mackay's signature

Kenneth Mackay, Founder of Initiative2

Achieve Google Ads Success now

Knoiwledgeable and honest

Kenneth is the man to speak to about Google Ads. He could help you improve your results.

He is knowledgeable and very honest. If your business is not right for Google Ads he won't take your money.

Emma Mitchell
Emma Mitchell
Business Growth Specialist

Friendly, Invaluable advice

Kenneth delivered invaluable advice on our Ads campaign. He shed light on areas we'd neglected in a friendly and approachable way.

Kenneth knows his subject and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone with or without an online marketing strategy.

Chris Pearce
Chris Pearce
Leadership Development


Who is this for?

This is for any business that currently uses Google Ads.

It is of particular benefit to those that aren't getting the results they want or need.

What is the outcome?

There is an outcome at each step of the process. Indeed, you only continue to the next if it is worth your while continuing.

After step 1 you should know whether you should continue to use Google Ads. They are not suitable for every business under every circumstance. Indeed this may change over time.

If they are not appropriate, there is no need for you to continue.

After step 2 you should know whether there are obvious technical reasons why your Google Ads account is not performing.

If we do not believe that a substantial improvement is possible, then we shall say so, and there is no need for you to continue.

After step 3 you should know whether our methodology is appropriate for you; will it help you make more money from Google Ads.

How much does it cost

The 3-step process is complimentary.

It is a way for you to determine whether you should be using Google Ads, and if so, whether there is scope for improvement.

Only if you decide that it would be worth your while to use us, would fees be due. However, we endeavour to keep these at or below what your previous provider charged.

What do I do next?

To kick off the no-obligation process, go to Is Google Ads The Right Tool for You?