Why Are You Reviewing

Your Google Ads?

It's not always about results.

What are your reasons? 

There Are Many Reasons Why People Review Their Google Ads

Many people come here by referral or through recommendation.

But why are they looking?

Your reasons will be personal to you.

But the following are the most common.

Which are your reasons?

  • Too little. You feel that you've been forgotten or ignored.
  • Too much. You feel that they are circling for another sale.
  • Not timely. They get in touch when they want, not when you need..
  • Not understandable. It's all technical jargon. Graphs and charts and data, but nothing that means anything to you.
  • No single point of contact. You get passed from one person to another. You feel that you are always starting from scratch, .
  • Difficult. You struggle to get hold of people when you want.
  • Too little. You don't know what is being done, by whom, when, why, and how effective it has been.
  • Too much. Information overload. Lots of data but you can't see the wood for the trees.
  • Not timely. It comes too late to take meaningful action.
  • Doesn't make sense. 
  • Not aligned with business goals. 
  • Too generic. 
  • Data rather than information. 
  • Not aligned with business goals.
  • No plan.
  • No cause and effect analysis.
  • None.
  • Falling.
  • Stagnant.
  • Not increasing enough.
  • Rising Cost Per Click, Cost Per Conversion, etc..
Internal Changes
  • Change in management team.
  • Change of personnel.
  • Change of ownership.
Supplier Changes
  • Personnel.
  • Whom they wish to work with.
  • Loss of faith.
  • You've been misinformed, misled, or lied to.
  • Conflict of interests.
  • Unsure who is actually doing the work
Resource Availability
  • No longer available.
  • Doing other things.
  • Too busy.
  • Not interested.
  • You've outgrown them.
  • They've outgrown you.
Google Changes
  • The old approach no longer works.
  • Requires more specialist skills.
  • Not always a good idea to blindly follow Google's suggestions.
  • They don't see Google Ads as part of your overall strategy.
  • They can't act as a sounding board.

The lack of results seems an obvious reason, but it is not the only one.

Many businesses take this test because of operational issues

Very often, that turns up performance issues as well.

Whatever you reason for starting this process, you will benefit from it.